Congolese Society for Human Genetics

The Congolese Society for Human Genetics (La Société Congolaise de Génétique Humaine) is a non-profit association according to the Congolese law.
Its official abbreviation is CoSHG.


The purpose of CoSHG is to support and promote the development of Human Genetics in the Democratic Republic of Congo:

  • training in human genetics
  • scientific research in human genetics
  • building clinical genetics services
  • establishing collaborations between scientists in the country and abroad
  • organizing scientific meetings
  • providing information and education towards society at large
  • reflecting on ethical, legal and social aspects in the field of human genetics
  • developing guidelines for good practice in the field of human genetics

The CoSHG is open to anyone interested and willing to contribute to its objectives.


The resources of the Association include:

  • grants the State, provinces, municipalities and public or private organizations
  • all resources that the Association may lawfully generate
  • contributions of its members